Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Gamma Rays & God

Gamma Rays

As you can see, this visible band is quite small in relation to the rest of the EMF spectrum. And though we are now much more familiar and aufe with most of the spectrum, the gamma rays are still quite mysterious, even more so since we have been listening and looking for these rays in the cosmos too. This brings me to the interesting phenomenon of the two "fermi bubbles" as they are called on the "vertical axis" of the milky way.

I just recently took a jaunt down to the field of gamma rays. In the total range of electro-magnetic frequencies, our focus is generally on the visible part of the specturm and its immediate neighbours - infrared and ultra-violet, and further into radio waves, microwaves and even x-rays (which are actually a low-frequency form of gamma rays).

Mysterious objects at the edge of the electromagnetic spectrum

However, a much less explored area is that of gamma rays, which are the high-energy frequencies that occur at t he "top" of the EMF spectrum. The ones we were aware of, until recently, were all produced by a change in the nucleus, thus we find them in the explosion and creation of stars and cosmic events of that nature. Then recently we found that the earth emits gamma rays, though we are unaware of a source, plus there are many gamma rays in the cosmos (almost 1/3) that we have no idea of what is producing them, and finally these two strange bubbles that we have detected around the milky way. 

One of the strangenesses here is that it resembles one of the higher, d-orbitals of the atoms.   

Click here for a picture of all the d-orbitals
Another interesting fact is that the earth is being bombarded with these high-energy gamma rays, and it is the atmosphere, acting like a skin, that protects us from these "destructive" rays.

But all of this investigation was prompted by an interesting article I which I titled "Gamma Rays & God", a version of which can be found on Joe Lanyadoo's website, "http://theoriginoflanguage.com", from which the original article was taken - unfortunately I could not locate it again on the website. But Joe is the one who came up with the idea, and although it is at times a stretch, he tenders a very interesting hypothesis, and that is that the telepathic communication from "God" or the angels, is transmitted in images, and the He (God) uses the gamma rays to communicate with us (and possibly other species as well). Now, before you rush away saying what rubbish, hear me out for a moment.

Gamma rays are the highest frequency electro-magnetic waves that we are aware of. If God was from a realm of existence that was of a "higher" or more subtle frequency, one which we are unable to sense, then it would make sense that if there was any part of that subtle frequency that we would be able to sense, it must be in the higher frequencies. One could propose that gamma rays are the lower or more dense "spiritual" energy that exists in the universe.

And we have become "objectively" aware of these waves. That is a huge jump in consciousness.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

What? How? Why?

An inspiring video by Simon Sinek. He speaks of the golden circle, consisting of three concentric circles. The outer circle represents the "What", the inner, the "How", and the center circle, the "Why"... Some interesting ideas to think about.

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