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about Journey Work

Learning Journey Work

The ability to move from our 3D world into an altered state where original healing occurs is a valuable skill. Exploring our Inner Realms with confidence safety and support, a space appears where “dreams are born and choices made”.

This sacred work can apply itself to source and clear up issues. We learn the ethics of recognizing places of empowerment and how to follow energy trails. Through self inquiry and heart intelligence we learn to extend our sentences through the poetry of our souls.

Journey work is a way to

    • Communicate and work with your guides;
    • Find places of peace, empowerment and enjoyment;
    • Re-member the magic of our lives;
    • Understand our narratives and archetypes;

Sessions cost R350 for 1½ hours each. Most often at least 3 sessions are recommended. These journeys can continue as needed or desired and sessions will be guided to take the form necessary to get the work done. Sliding scale/barter payment may be discussed.

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