Monday, March 12, 2012

The Winter Works- Shamanic Journeys into the Cavern of the Heart.

 The Winter Works- Shamanic Journeys into the Cavern of the Heart.

Muizenberg - Cape Town 2012

We will spend Saturday afternoons learning how to navigate your inner spaces on your own juice. The protocols and disciplines so that you don’t get lost or come back with weird stuff . Winter is the time of the Inner caverns

• April : Autumn – Learning Journey work. The Entering, Descent, and re-entering in 3D. Calling your guides, how to communicate and what to do with them.
• May : Creating a coherent wave of Sacred Spaces. Healing and Creativity manifest best from altered states (The Journey).
• June : Descending into the Dark Mother. Cave of Introspection. The West, place of Ritual Death and Dismemberment (no need to be scared )
• July : The Inner Serpent –be in touch with your self empowerment and creativity. Masculine structure and Feminine spaces.
• August : The Shaman Within – Stepping out of poverty and lack of havingness ( values, making connections and relationships ) – Placing your intentions (throwing your dream body) and tapping into your creativity, bringing forth our authentic webs. Future visions.

Emerge into the richness of spring and light with new and revived paths.

Comprises of 12 lessons - 3 till 5pm
Part of the lesson time may be experiential and the other half journeying.
Bring munchies, cushions and blanket to journey on. Bring your journals too.
You need not attend every session but the more you do, the more your spaces can “set” and the more proficient you become. There is a LOT to this work.
Donations of R100 per session or what you can offer.
RSVP important please.
Vanessa Henderson: [email protected]
or Lyn : [email protected]

We will also have BREATHWORK once a month. Please inquire further about this if you are keen.

Many thanks and much love.
Lyn Spirit Eagle.

31st March - plus breathwork
14th April - plus breathwork
28th April
12th May - plus breathwork
19th May
2nd June -plus breathwork
16th June
30th June - plus breathwork
14th July
4th August- plus breathwork
18th August - plus breathwork (maybe :))

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