Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Hi everyone,

Lyn and Julian are excited to host another Shamanic Journey workshop at the Blue Hippo Tipi Village. http://www.bluehippo.co.za/


This is not workshop retreat, it is a workshop advance :)) However, one does not need to be an advanced journeyer to attend and enjoy. It is safe and supportive of those who have never journeyed before and for those who want to expand their knowledge. We leave feeling rejuvenated. We spread beautiful balm on our Spiritual selves by attending to it. Aaaah :))

The workshop is about exploring and growing our personal journey skills without the aid of entheogens, being more connected and empowered with our Spiritual lives. We feel that it is very important to learn how to safely negotiate these inner and Spiritual spaces. The protocols and spaces thereof.

The program will be fairly similar but different to our last one in Feb. More news soon on this. Please see some photos from the last workshop on the previous blog or info on the web from the last event on lyn.spazaspace.com/Shaman

We would like to book numbers of participants by 15th April, so please let us know. The cost is R1,750 for the weekend. This includes great food and lodging (in tipis or camping or if you prefer something a little more cultured, in the guest house)

Please contact Lyn on [email protected] or Julian on [email protected] or you can phone us on 021-7881337 or Lyn 0832313704, Julian 0832265482

Please share this with your friends,
Many blessings and exciting journeys,
Lyn and Julian.

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