Tuesday, November 2, 2010

about Journey Work

Learning Journey Work

The ability to move from our 3D world into an altered state where original healing occurs is a valuable skill. Exploring our Inner Realms with confidence safety and support, a space appears where “dreams are born and choices made”.

This sacred work can apply itself to source and clear up issues. We learn the ethics of recognizing places of empowerment and how to follow energy trails. Through self inquiry and heart intelligence we learn to extend our sentences through the poetry of our souls.

Journey work is a way to

    • Communicate and work with your guides;
    • Find places of peace, empowerment and enjoyment;
    • Re-member the magic of our lives;
    • Understand our narratives and archetypes;

Sessions cost R350 for 1½ hours each. Most often at least 3 sessions are recommended. These journeys can continue as needed or desired and sessions will be guided to take the form necessary to get the work done. Sliding scale/barter payment may be discussed.

Email Lyn : lyn.edgewalker.at.gmail.com

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Retrieving our Futures

Complexity theory and quantum physics have shown the primal uncertainty of our understanding of being in this world. Explorations of how the brain functions and neuropsychology during a shaman’s journey link philosopher Martin Heidegger’s debate that understanding is “always ahead of itself” thus projecting expectations that interpretation attempts to clarify. Physicist John Von Neuman’s says that “we futuristically collapse a wave function in ways that cause a fundamental, unknowable disturbance in the system”...creating and spontaneously bringing into existence something that did not exist before. Therefore, it can be said that we “know” already, what the synecdoches and metaphors mean, when they are retrieved from our inner conscious by a shaman artist who brings them forth in creation.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010



Visiting South African shaman Lyn Edgewalker and Susan Paris.
17th and 18th July 2010.
in West Haven, CT on the shore

A two day shamanic experiential workshop where we will enter a series of ceremonial journeys to attend to and reveal our characters of Compassion, Passion, Creativity, Majesty, Mercy, Severity and Foundation. On return from the journeys, we will write and draw -- make a visual rendition of the characteristics that cloak our soul. We will perceive the state our cloaks are in, and make wonderful new spaces for reparation if desired.
Supplies provided. No art training required.
Bring bag lunches, Sat. eve dinner provided

Email Susan at [email protected] or Lyn [email protected]
or call (203) 623-6026
Love to see you here

Sacred journeys to find the characteristics that

cloak your inner soul


Please talk to us about finances if you need, we can facilitate you on a sliding basis - if you need to be here, we can organise this :) and please speak to us about staying over if you need this too .

Bring something to lay down on while journeying

AND :))...



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Monday, April 5, 2010

Land Spirit in Tuscany

I lay down in the forest on the thick winter brown leaves to communicate with the spirit of the land, the rounded mountains. I asked to be see how it is. I was shown deep red rivers running down the mountain sides. Tree roots twining and bifurcating from the banks, expanding and plaiting, forming bridges across the red. Then under the rivers, more red, warm, covering the countryside. And deeper still, the fire. I was told that the volcano fires were close, too tight with energy. I asked if there was anything I could or should do. The spirit of the land asked me to unwind some of this energy. Later, in the snow covered patches, I uncoiled the energy by teasing out a serpent in the snow. My intention was to gently let go some of the tension caught up in spiral.

Transforming serpent softly melting into our earth.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Way of Divine Healing

By Rev. John Todd Ferrier

This is an excerpt taken from an article first published in 1904 in “Life’s Mysteries Unveiled” part of the “Teachings of the Order of the Cross”

…Now, superficial troubles may be helped through purification of the body from without; others through changing the direction of the thought; and others through helping the mind to desire beautifully. But these things, though they are beautiful in themselves and must be applied by the sufferer to the body, the mind, and the desire body, cannot heal the etheric body when it is deeply wounded. That body can be touched unto healing only from the very innermost. By no outward processes can it be healed unto restoration, but only from the Divine Centre.

The emotion is a magnetic stream that circulates through the etheric body, just as the blood circulates through the physical body, and the magnetic streams through the astral body. The emotion, which in appearance to those who can discern from the innermost would resemble an atmosphere, may be compared to a stream of beautiful water becoming charged with magnetic currents greater than those belonging to the natural state of the elements composing the stream. Those magnetic currents are the direct outcome of the polar action of the love-principle. When that outflow from the love-principle is not truly directed, or is in itself not truly pure and beautiful, it affects the emotion, and the emotion affects the etheric body, just as wrong magnetic influences affect the life-stream of the body, the blood, and as a result the body itself through which it courses to nourish and vitalize. When the etheric body is hurt, the whole life is wounded; if the hurt be grievous, the whole life deeply suffers. If the wounding be the result of ages of misdirection, then life after life will have been lived more or less in a state of acute burden-bearing.

It is this which lies at the heart of many organic troubles. The Soul's history for ages is expressed in the very troubles themselves. To understand these is to get to the within of the Being. No one can get there unless they be full of lowliness begotten of pure and beautiful love and reverence. But the true healer will get there, for he will be full of love and lowliness and reverence. Such a one will understand through divine illumination, the history expressed in the organic trouble. In so doing, the healer can direct the Being to be healed, unveiling just so much of the afflicted one's history as may be wise and necessary to reveal, and showing to that one how again to find the Divine Centre of his or her own Being.

It is from that Centre alone that the healing can come. It is God within that Being who alone can accomplish the healing. By means of the Blessed Presence Overshadowing the magnetic pole of the sufferer, stimulating it into direct spiritual activity and giving to it power of equipoise that it may be celestially sustained, perfect healing of the whole Being may be accomplished. For those things impossible to man of himself, are always possible where the Eternal Soul reigns.
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Paradise and Absolute Zero

"Just as the awareness of wrong becomes increasingly deep in Hell, the understanding and enjoyment of good grow constantly stronger in Paradise.

Unlike Hell, which is a limited, finite stage, because it has to correct and amend what happened in a finite span of life, the joys of Paradise are endless and everlasting.

To use a physical metaphor, the absolute zero of temperature is defined and closed.

But there is no upper limit to higher and higher temperatures.

The freed, cleansed soul is now able to have a touch of Godhead, which is the absolute infinity that contains the wholeness of everything.

While being connected and confined by the body and by the shadows of the world, the soul can hardly grasp it.

But in another stage of existence, when these boundaries are no longer there, the soul can keep ascending for eternity."

--Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

The metaphor of absolute zero is such a wonderful one for descending into density, as opposed to rising to paradise.

But the question is why did we descend in the first place? The first answer is not to concern ourselves with why, but just to get on with the work, which is to ascend and to release the Divine sparks of light enclosed in the densities that we encounter. That is the work. An answer is that we have been chosen to work in creation. That we are the conscious, or Divine expression of God in creation.

We ourselves are Divine sparks in the densities of our very existence, our very bodies. And the densities we encounter are of the nature of the double darkness described as one of the plague of Egypt. It is the darkness within the density.
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