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Monday, April 8, 2013

Workshop ~ Adventure 1 ~ energy.

There is a lot of info and talk about ENERGY, having energy, seeing it, running it, and doing something with it. There are many types of energy that we dance in, blunder around in. I would like us to work a little more closely with some of them. This Saturday afternoon, @ 3pm, 13th April, I would like to share (vibrate sound and light) perspectives and practical ways of handling it. These will be Medicine Spaces, and here we will do some practical exercises with our auric fields, find fulcrums, points of Zero Space (centering), disentanglement, relationship (the energy between two points), barriers and constraints. We will practice shield body exercises, protecting, clearing and repairing outer shields and nurture inner shields. Be prepared to do some movement that may be challenging, though not compromising

If there are enough of you, we will do Breathwork as well ( ). please let us know soonest.

Sunday 14th @ 10am ~

Making Rattles

A simple shamanic tool with many uses. Traditionally a rattle was made with organic materials, but we can use tins, or bottle tops too, as rattling is essentially about breaking up static energy with intention, or calling an attention, settling energy, making protective barriers and focusing. SOUND (ENERGY) vibration, a tiny sonic boom, can be very useful in aiding a person to project energy.  We are the ones who shake out a particular sound vibration from a container and it can take a long time to master. Like the drum, the rattle serves as a bridge from everyday consciousness to sacred altered states. It can assist us to turn down internal dialogue and becomes the vehicle you ride into dreamtime and Mystery. It is excellent for doing diagnostic work, for opening up areas where energy is blocked, for re-establishing energy flow, and for helping to remove dense energy.
Some rattles have medicines such as acorns or shells and bells tied on the outside; some have beans, bones or seeds enclosed on the inside. What you put in your rattle will determine the sound produced: beans can be sharp and staccato. Gem stones and pebbles a harder heavy sound. Sea shells a brighter rushing sound, and seeds create a soft swirling effect. Have a Google of images and materials to make rattles. You are also welcome to buy one of those R10 maracas from a Chinese store, feel if it feels OK as a basic, you can paint and decorate that, and make it in as your own.
Sunday @10am. Bring materials, we will journey for our personal information on our rattle and then make them. I imagine we will be finished @3pm, so bring some lunch to share. 

email Lyn for info or to book. Thanks :) [email protected]

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Land Spirit in Tuscany

I lay down in the forest on the thick winter brown leaves to communicate with the spirit of the land, the rounded mountains. I asked to be see how it is. I was shown deep red rivers running down the mountain sides. Tree roots twining and bifurcating from the banks, expanding and plaiting, forming bridges across the red. Then under the rivers, more red, warm, covering the countryside. And deeper still, the fire. I was told that the volcano fires were close, too tight with energy. I asked if there was anything I could or should do. The spirit of the land asked me to unwind some of this energy. Later, in the snow covered patches, I uncoiled the energy by teasing out a serpent in the snow. My intention was to gently let go some of the tension caught up in spiral.

Transforming serpent softly melting into our earth.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Shamanism and Quantum Physics

What can I say. Straight from the horses mouth. Shamanism is becoming the word for the science of the inner "quantum" spaces that we are becoming more and more conscious of.
Still, only theoretical physicists and fanatical priests seem to have that zealous look in their eyes:-)

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The inner and the outer are intimately connected.

Greg talks essentially about the fact that the inner experience affects our outer reality. He makes the interesting point that every other culture, except ours, knows this principle. He goes on to propose that this is one of the key ways that science is incomplete - in that it does not take this into account.
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