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Friday, January 8, 2010

Paradise and Absolute Zero

"Just as the awareness of wrong becomes increasingly deep in Hell, the understanding and enjoyment of good grow constantly stronger in Paradise.

Unlike Hell, which is a limited, finite stage, because it has to correct and amend what happened in a finite span of life, the joys of Paradise are endless and everlasting.

To use a physical metaphor, the absolute zero of temperature is defined and closed.

But there is no upper limit to higher and higher temperatures.

The freed, cleansed soul is now able to have a touch of Godhead, which is the absolute infinity that contains the wholeness of everything.

While being connected and confined by the body and by the shadows of the world, the soul can hardly grasp it.

But in another stage of existence, when these boundaries are no longer there, the soul can keep ascending for eternity."

--Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz

The metaphor of absolute zero is such a wonderful one for descending into density, as opposed to rising to paradise.

But the question is why did we descend in the first place? The first answer is not to concern ourselves with why, but just to get on with the work, which is to ascend and to release the Divine sparks of light enclosed in the densities that we encounter. That is the work. An answer is that we have been chosen to work in creation. That we are the conscious, or Divine expression of God in creation.

We ourselves are Divine sparks in the densities of our very existence, our very bodies. And the densities we encounter are of the nature of the double darkness described as one of the plague of Egypt. It is the darkness within the density.
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