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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Way of Divine Healing

By Rev. John Todd Ferrier

This is an excerpt taken from an article first published in 1904 in “Life’s Mysteries Unveiled” part of the “Teachings of the Order of the Cross”

…Now, superficial troubles may be helped through purification of the body from without; others through changing the direction of the thought; and others through helping the mind to desire beautifully. But these things, though they are beautiful in themselves and must be applied by the sufferer to the body, the mind, and the desire body, cannot heal the etheric body when it is deeply wounded. That body can be touched unto healing only from the very innermost. By no outward processes can it be healed unto restoration, but only from the Divine Centre.

The emotion is a magnetic stream that circulates through the etheric body, just as the blood circulates through the physical body, and the magnetic streams through the astral body. The emotion, which in appearance to those who can discern from the innermost would resemble an atmosphere, may be compared to a stream of beautiful water becoming charged with magnetic currents greater than those belonging to the natural state of the elements composing the stream. Those magnetic currents are the direct outcome of the polar action of the love-principle. When that outflow from the love-principle is not truly directed, or is in itself not truly pure and beautiful, it affects the emotion, and the emotion affects the etheric body, just as wrong magnetic influences affect the life-stream of the body, the blood, and as a result the body itself through which it courses to nourish and vitalize. When the etheric body is hurt, the whole life is wounded; if the hurt be grievous, the whole life deeply suffers. If the wounding be the result of ages of misdirection, then life after life will have been lived more or less in a state of acute burden-bearing.

It is this which lies at the heart of many organic troubles. The Soul's history for ages is expressed in the very troubles themselves. To understand these is to get to the within of the Being. No one can get there unless they be full of lowliness begotten of pure and beautiful love and reverence. But the true healer will get there, for he will be full of love and lowliness and reverence. Such a one will understand through divine illumination, the history expressed in the organic trouble. In so doing, the healer can direct the Being to be healed, unveiling just so much of the afflicted one's history as may be wise and necessary to reveal, and showing to that one how again to find the Divine Centre of his or her own Being.

It is from that Centre alone that the healing can come. It is God within that Being who alone can accomplish the healing. By means of the Blessed Presence Overshadowing the magnetic pole of the sufferer, stimulating it into direct spiritual activity and giving to it power of equipoise that it may be celestially sustained, perfect healing of the whole Being may be accomplished. For those things impossible to man of himself, are always possible where the Eternal Soul reigns.
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