Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Calling your Spiritual Guide

Guides come to guide you; they are not your boss. You are your boss. You are not their boss.

Guides are numinous embodied energy. Embodied as a recognizable being, they arrive in many shapes and sizes. I notice that it does not matter what culture a person comes from, angels, jaguars, wolves, porcupines, phoenixes, can appear. The shape they come in tells us something of the nature of the energy they bring to assist us, or what it is we need to work with.

We all have guides and we can all call them. We need to be open, commanding with clear intention (who wants to receive a wimpy guide?). Do this in your sacred space where you will be undisturbed. Take your time and let it be a sacred event, something special. If no one comes, that’s OK, another time will come. You can also receive guides in ceremony or with a shaman to facilitate you.

There is wonderful love and compassion with our guides and if not, question your need for a guide who is not loving you. The frequencies of guides we want to attract are sacred, loyal, and trustworthy. We have our own frequency, and a blend of many other frequencies that we enter or activate. Receiving a deep and potent Panther may be a frequency of energy that challenges us in our ruthlessness; or encourages us to understand the powerful shadow side of our moon, the beauty in the dark. A praying mantis reminds us to be still, especially when we are blocked by trying to make decisions. The mantis never makes a move unless she is totally positive it is the right thing for her to do. Whatever the medicine of your guide, you need to feel happy with them in the sweet spot in your centers.

Our frequencies are our own and we are responsible for them.

Look into your new guides eyes, they must respond and look into your eyes too. If you feel uneasy, tell them thank you, but no thank you. They must leave, you do not want any lurkers...

They must arrive in front of you or from your right. They must tell you their names, ask them. Do not share these names with anyone. It may be a peculiar name, no matter; it is for your personal relationship only.

They must tell you what they will be assisting you with.

They can be with you all the time or anytime, this depends on what you want. You can discuss this. You can call upon your guide from anywhere. Breathe!

Sometimes a person has Water as a guide, or Jesus, or a plant and that is OK, they must still arrive when you need them. Sometimes we have a few guides for different kinds of work.

Pay attention to your guides often so that your relationship grows and the energy doesn't dissipate. Smell them :) You let their energy flow in you.

Lyn Spirit Eagle

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