Monday, August 6, 2012

Vision Quest - Western Cape

Please join me (Lyn Spirit Eagle) and Julian Gordon (Serpent Guards Path) on this exciting event at The Blue Hippo, Western Cape from
26th Oct - 30th Oct 2012.

email: [email protected] or [email protected] to register and for banking details.

cost: R2,500 (sliding scale if needs be)

Some info:


For Vision Questers:
• Prepare prayer bundles. Information on what you need and how to go about this will be provided. You will begin as soon as possible.
• Begin journal of prayers.

For Wounded Healers:
• Collect materials for prayer bundles also materials for making your talisman. Information will be provided.
• Choose a journal for the workshop


Your journal and pens.
Prayer bundles prepared by vision questers
Wounded Healer people bring their materials for prayer bundles and talisman.
Water bottles.
Sleeping bag and pillow.
Torch, matches, candles.
Swim suit.
Biodegradable toiletries.
Long socks, layered clothing
Suitable shoes for rough walking
Drums, rattles, flutes, guitars…
Food for all your meals. (Vision questers will only need food for the time at camp). There is a good communal kitchen at The Blue Hippo. It has cooking and fridge facilities. We can talk more about this later.
We will sleep in the tipis and tents.

We have invited Tracy Armbruster to take us on a foraging walk on Friday morning. Tracy is wild about weeds and it will be very edifying to know our wild plant friends better. We will let you know times for this.
Arrive by 1pm
3-5 pm Vision Questers and allies go find where questers would like to sit in their circle and come back. Wounded Healer people go with them because they will be the ones taking them water on Sunday and we need to know where they will be for two nights.
Pipe Ceremony for all of us
6pm- supper
Nekyia talk about descent and our rite of passage as Heroes on your journey. The Heroes journey entry, descent and return, thus broadening your cartography of Psyche and Cosmos. It is igniting the shaman within, waking up your potentiality in an earth-honoring and heart opening way.
Circular Fire dancing and drumming. To call in our Spirit helpers, to show them the sincerity of our intention and to let our bodies know.
9pm -Archetypal journey for empowerment and insight.

Questers leave early after small breakfast (oats and raisins for example)
Wounded Healer workshop begins: Morning Fire circle.
Medicine wheel work: aids in finding directions for the weekend’s work.
Prayer Bundles. Preparing and check-in assessment.
Altruistic journey

Morning Fire Circle
Exercise in connecting with the energies of Mom Earth (tree guardians, energy vortexes, wind and elements etc)
Take prayer bundles and go off to place them. This is a journey too.
Go and take questers water. This is part of the chop wood carry water of service, a mission. Noting Nature spirits and the magic of the ordinary.
Chill circle and individual sessions.

Fire Circle
Questers begin to return in the morning and need to be back by midday.
Wounded Healers in camp making a talisman.
Communal sharing of what has been found.
Individual sessions and dyads.
Closing ceremony.
Free time. Drumming, dance.

Breakfast and departures.

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