Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Visit to Credo Mutwa, African Shaman

We went with John way up to the Northern Cape desert where the rose quartz live. "The Beautiful Ones", Credo Mutwa calls them. He lives there with his Bushmen sangoma wife, Virginia, and her family.

We had to wait awhile until we were received. Mutwa is an old man now and Africa takes her time. So we pottered about in the sun, taking photos of his flamboyant and visionary sculptures, taking in the flat red and dusty earth of the Kalahari and then gathering in the stone healing circle for a sound meditation led by Niyan. That was lovely and we all felt the benefit.

And then the time came for us to meet Baba Credo Mutwa, resplendent and genuine. Cool in his lounge of rich colour, we sat around with greetings, discussions and fabulous stories. Mphephu (an African sage) rising and filling our senses. He gave everyone African names and spoke with urgent pleas to assist the plight of South Africa.

Late in the night a white dolphin came to visit me, she took me to New York City where aliens chased me and I broke their heads off and squeezed their juice out. The following day, we gathered in Credo Mutwa’s temple, a stunning and interesting room again with rich colour. As I looked up, the large painting above me was of...a dolphin, New York City and bad aliens. These aliens abducted Credo Mutwa many years ago and he still bears the scars.

He told us of ancient times when African kings would reconcile over a clay bowl of water which contained 12 of The Beautiful Ones. He told us how to move huge stones with sound and how he cured aids patients. That the Strandloopers (beach walkers) from very long ago were aliens who couldn’t get home and could only eat perlemoen. They were buried in fetal position, sitting up with a perlemoen shell pressed to the ear so that they could hear their home in the stars. All the many stories of the day told with love and sincerity.

Credo Mutwa spoke about how art purifies the blood and that there are certain illnesses that can only be cured by creativity. He also said that if a healer has never been sick then he is useless because then he does not know how to feel. He discussed the healing properties of some plants, Kankerbos, Sutherlandia and Devil’s Claw.

I share with you, a few colourful images.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. I just finished reading "Zulu Shaman" and found it to be a necessary syllabus. You are so lucky to have had the chance. Chris

Unknown said...

Hey Chris, yes I feel lucky to have had the chance too. Maybe it was a necessary journey :))

Anonymous said...

Please post the full picture of the painting with the dolphin and the red looking water if you have it. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I dont have a picture of this. It was in his temple and we were not allowed to take photos in there.

Robyn said...

Do you know where I could view the mural in his temple without actually going there? I can only see a dolphin and was wondering if there are any whales with the dolphins and if the "red water" was surrounding the blue water with the dolphin and if a woman was suspended above the blue water as well. Maybe Credo Mutwa has a web site I could contact him? Namaste

Unknown said...

As far as I remember, there were no whales in the painting. I cant remember about the water but there was a woman and two aliens. There was also an image of the Empire State building in NYC in this painting. I remember that because it too was in my dream of the aliens and the dolphin.

There is a website for Mutwa and if I recall, a yahoo group where you could post your questions. You would have to google it though. It wasnt difficult to access when I looked sometime ago

Sorry I cant be more of a help Robyn :)

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, no comments related to this topic. Im looking for the person who took the pictures at credo mutwa house because i would like to contact him about a spiritual issue...? If you can help me by giving me his e-mail, telephone number or address that would great! you can send it to: [email protected]

Thank you,


creative life force said...

Hey Lyn. I'm a kenyan living in Germany and i somehow stumbled upon his book zulu shaman. This book was at that time an eyeopener for me and since then i've read it over and over again because it showed me that i was unconsciously following the right path . That's why i need to about his whereabouts so that i might be able to meet this enlightened being who uplifted me and freed me from my arrogance and ignorance. I want to meet him for spiritual purposes and would be very thankful if you could tell me where to find him or how to get in contact him. My email address is [email protected]

Unknown said...

I need to contact Credo Mutwa ASAP please help,my contacts are: 0739932450 email:[email protected]. and [email protected]

Gustavo Preto Pacheco said...

Dear friends, the other day, i rescue a old african statue that i had in my balcony forgoted. Everybody told me to put it into garbage but i couldnt because i felt sorry. Is a statue with nail all over the body and a box in the stomach. Now i know that is a nkisi. Can anyone tell a bit more about how to wake up the spirit. Thank you